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Natalia Starr is out of a job and is short of cash so she needs to refinance her house. She has an appraiser come over to check her house out. But she is not very happy about the news she gets from the appraiser. The house is apparently worth less now than it was when she bought it. She needs to increase the house valued so the best way how to do it is to whip out the appraiser’s dick and start fucking him. Watch the whole video at Pornstars Photos

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Gulliana Alexis

Gulliana Alexis is asked by Johnny to help him to choose a new jacket, but she would rather help him to take his pants off. Johnny is a married man so he is not very happy about Gulliana’s behavior.  But Gulliana assures him that no one will know. I guess he is not hesitating anymore when his cock is getting sucked… Watch all story details at Pornstars Videos