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Nikita Von James & Tara Holiday

Preston has a problem to hook up with some girl so he goes and seeks professional help from Tara Holiday. Tara is very experienced woman and she is also a great teacher. She knows how to make men successful in picking up a women. She get Preston to practice his pick up lines with her receptionist, Nikita Von James. Once Preston is comfortable, these two ladies tag team him to get his confidence, and his cock, up. See more at Pornstars Photos

Teacher NikitaVonJames fucking her student


Nikita Von James is a teacher and she has one very bad student Bill. He’s taken the class three times and still is not able to pass the final. Bill decides to go to his teacher and reveals to her that if he actually does pass her class he won’t be able to see her anymore. Nikita is married and she could get into trouble for banging a student but Bill knows that her old husband can’t be fucking her enough if at all. Watch Bill taking control of the situation and giving Ms. Von James what she’s been longing for at Pornstars Photos