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Emma Starr invited some friends for a little bbq. Her friends Jessica Jaymes and Nikki Benz arrived just when Richie who is a friend of Emma’s friend stops by. Emma asked him nicely if he could help them with cooking and he agreed. But the girls were not worried about cooking at all, they wanted to see Richie’s giant sausage that’s in his pants. He is married so he resists at first, but who could say no to 3 hot women? Richie definitely can’t! Find all details at Porn Stars

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Emma Starr is doing a BBQ, but her grill seems to be broken so she calls over a handy man named Preston. He checks the grill and doesn’t find anything wrong with it. Emma tells him she has one more problem, a bad spring in the  bed. Preston has not much time but he promises to have a look at it. When he leans over the bed trying to find the bad spring, Emma pushes him flat out onto the bed and jumps on top of him. She tells him she needs to get her pussy fixed by his massive cock. Check out all movie details at Pornstars Videos