BrooklynChase waking up groom Johnny


Johnny had a big night out last night and he’s too hung over to wake up. He is actually getting married in a couple of hours, so Brooklyn Chase who is the maid of honor, comes to the rescue him. She knows how important it is to get him to the wedding on time so she is going to try an old trick to get him up. She wakes his dick first and sure he will be fit within seconds! Enjoy all details at Pornstars Photos

BrooklynChase fucked by her prisoner


Richie was arrested but he thinks the charges are unfair because “he didn’t do anything”. Brooklyn Chase is going through his file and she is the one to decide, if Richie is going to be released or not.  He’s willing to do anything just to get out of those cuffs but he has no idea he will have to do something for Brooklyn… Watch Richie using his dick to get out of jail at Pornstars Videos