Jasmine and Lou Lou getting to the Parliament


Jasmine and Lou Lou had a big task in front of them for today. They are going in front of the British Parliament House to protest against the absurd decision to censor the porn. These girls disagree and they want to prove to these guys sitting inside of the House they are wrong. Watch them convincing the board to cancel the censorship at Porn Stars

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Danny walks in on his wife’s friend, Gianna Nicole while she is getting changed. He is embarrassed but Gianna doesn’t mind. In fact she is glad and asks Danny to join her in the shower. She wants to get fucked by Danny and get her pussy juicy! Find all details at Pornstars

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Tucker Starr is hanging out at her friend’s house. Her friend’s brother, Richie, is there too and they are having a chat when Richie tells Tucker she looks like a stripper. Well he is indeed correct, she is a stripper but Tucker doesn’t want anyone to know about it. So she asks Richie if he can keeps his mouth shut. Richie promises to keep his silence in exchange for a lap dance. Tucker likes the deal not knowing her lap dance soon turns into a full on fuckathon. Enjoy all details at Pornstars Photos

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Jessica Jaymes2

Jessica Jaymes is getting her car restored but the amount she is suppose to pay is much more than what she was planning on spending. So she decides to make a deal with the repair guy: she will milk his cock dry in exchange for a massive discount. The repair guy likes the deal and gets Jessica to fuck him right away! Enjoy all scenes and pictures at Pornstars Videos

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